Canadian Wildlife Foundation

You’re the Insider

Throughout this course as it comes to the end, I have taken great pleasure in learning about Groundswell from Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. The finale of this course ends with a closure of how everything was brought together, from the Social Technographic Profile to the POST method to each of the objectives within the POST method. Everything built its way to what social media outlets should your company be using, why should they be using it, and how should they be using it. Marketing it costly for any company, and it is important that your company is getting the best return on its investment. So as I wrap everything up, I want to explain according to Groundswell why it is important to tap into it.

Tapping inside the groundswell provides companies with benefits that help them strategically market themselves and links consumers, companies, and social media together. It provides them a plan and goals that help their company achieve what it is they are looking to change in today’s world. For Ten Tree, they have focused on the problem of deforestation and provided consumers a chance to make a difference by purchasing their clothes. The company continues to be successful as they have reached their 1 millionth tree mark this year and are continuing to plant more and more everyday.

Being inside the groundswell also relates to the company inspiring their staff members, and what better way to inspire people than to get them out there changing the world. Ten Tree educates consumers on what their company does from planting to manufacturing to their brand and the social impact they want to achieve. They are focused on changing the lives from the people they hire, and over in areas such as Madagascar and Ethiopia they are providing employment to the locals.

Ten Tree has aligned their company with organizations to be proud of, such as the Canadian Wildlife Federation. As the company continues to grow, you can expect great things to come from them. They are a company to be proud of as a Canadian, as well as a company that is focused on a global commitment to our environment.


Anybody Listening?

What inspires you?

Ten Tree is listening, they are encouraging you to tell them through.


Ten Tree have teamed up with Canadian Wildlife Foundation and LiveUnbound, because they all are representing one brand image. However, the brand is never what the company says the brand is… it is what their audience is saying about the company that form the brand. Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, is saying just that to businesses through novel explaining the “How to” survive the business world. They discuss many points that all businesses need to follow, in terms of a plan:

  • Check the Social¬†Technographic Profile of your customers
  • Start small, think big
  • Make sure your listening vendor has dedicated an experienced team to your efforts
  • Choose a senior person to interpret the information and integrate it with other sources

With most of Ten Tree’s audience being Joiners and Spectators, the company has to consider the methods of listening to their customers. The best ways to accomplish this would be through creating groups that their customers can join and having them comment, share, and like their posts. They have begun small by focusing on 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube; integrating all these platforms with their message to their company’s mission and vision. Every item of clothing that someone buys 10 trees are planted, allowing people to feel socially aware while they are shopping. This has helped the company compete in the retail industry successfully, because their brand name is so strong; it is more like a lifestyle!

I am listening! Tell me what inspires you!