Army Proud

Working at CFB Edmonton, I get to find out about some pretty cool things that end up happening around the base. This past weekend was no exception to the cool things that happen, and it was all in celebration for the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI)’s 100th anniversary. What better way to celebrate a centennial years of service than with a parade?

Saturday 9 August 2014 @ 1100hrs

The troops dropped in, in style!


This was just the beginning, then the SkyHawks dropped in too!

2014-08-09_20.03.21[1] 2014-08-09_20.04.08[1] 2014-08-09_20.02.03[1]



And what is an Army Parade without the Canadian Flag hung proud… off of a HELICOPTER!!


The Parade continued on with distinguished members arriving in various vehicles and watching all the troops march along to the band.


The Parade ended with all the Veterans getting up to march with the Old Guard. At this moment they advised everyone to put in the provided ear plugs. As the veterans did their march, the tanks got fired for their grande finale.


The show continued over at the Military Heritage day grounds on the base after the parade, with a move that looked straight out of the movies. A low flying helicopter approaching a building ropes dropping down, THEN everyone dropping down and taking positions. It was quite the sight!!


At the end of the day, I am proud to be Canadian; as well as an ARMY BRAT!!



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