The Rad Run


I don’t run!

It is something my gym teachers have heard me say, my parents have heard me say it, and my friends always hear me say it.

I just don’t run!

I have nothing against people who run. I think it is pretty cool that they get out there and just go for it, and look all graceful doing it too.

But I don’t run!

I rather just walk!

Until for my friend’s birthday, I had to go for a run.

it wasn’t just any run however, it was the Color Me Rad Run….


All I could think was okay, but there is no way I am running any of this…. I can walk….


Between her and her mom, they got me running! And to make sure I didn’t say I don’t run, they got proof of me running.




They didn’t just get me running though, they got me having a good time while running. Shocking, I know!!

Color me Rad was probably the most fun that I have ever had before, with just the colors and the scenery around us.



The best part about the run however, I made it to the finish line without dying!

1406414143200[1] 1404588772368[1] 2014-07-05_11.39.27[1]

As well I did it with an amazing group of people, where we all just had a complete blast. There were literally blasts of color thrown between us!

But at the end of the day we all had something to jump about, it was just much fun!


I also ended off the entire race with beautifully colored shoes that will stay colored till next year!! Then they can just get even more colored, as well for all the years to come. I look forward to the footprints that I will make, running in these…



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