In Groundswell, written by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, the POST method offered 5 objective for a company:

Energizing a company can be said as a “marketer’s dream”, and that is exactly how it was put in Groundswell. When you energize your customers, it creates word of mouth (your customers start talking about you, and your brand). Word of mouth becomes successful because it is perceived as being:

Believable: customers trust other customers.

Self-reinforcing: the more people that join in this, the more of an impact it creates on others.

Self-spreading: one person tells two friends, then those two friends tell two friends each; this continues at an exponential rate as it spreads.

As you can see, word of mouth can make your company likable, which is everything when you are trying to make a positive brand image. But you have to beware because you are dealing with people, and this can be highly tricky due to the nature of people. People offer organizations challenges and forces them to think critically.

Ten Tree has made their audience aware and energized through creating communities on social media sites. They taken their social technographic profile and created communities that educate your audience on the impacts they are providing to the world. With their social technographic profile being focused on joiners and spectators, which means that these individuals are energized by joining and liking groups. The ultimate goal of energizing your customers is to support them through their problems, which was mentioned in Supporting One World.


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