Supporting One World

In Groundswell, written by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, the POST method offered 5 objectives for a company:


This week is all about supporting your customers, because helping your customers support each other will make them happier. When your customers feel happy they are likely to share your company with other people through word of mouth, blogs, forums, etc. These customers will begin to promote your company in their own way expanding your company’s community further. When considering support as one of your objectives for your company, you have to ask yourself three questions:


What problem will you solve?

We have one world!  Deforestation and global warming are taking its toll on our planet, as seen in the Earth Hour video. Earth Hour is a global movement that is trying to get everyone around the world to come together, to do something good for our planet. They support movements that protect our planet’s trees, waters, and people. Ten Tree’s goals and strategies with planting ten trees for every item you buy, aligns with this movement. Ten Tree’s focusing on solving the problems about deforestation happening around the world, and they accomplish this through getting people to purchase their clothing. Ten Tree has connected apparel to environmentalism, which is ultimately focused on getting people to enjoy life and our planet. We only have one!

How will your company get involved?

Ten Tree has gotten involved in the global issues around deforestation and linked the solution to their apparel line. You do not have to get out there and save the world, although the company really encourages you to do so, you just have to buy one of their items. For every item you buy on their website you receive a tree code that you can plant your ten trees from each item anywhere in their regions. When you purchase things on their website they even provide you with tree facts.

Should you build your own community or join an existing one?

Ten Tree has already created a community, through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest followings.  They continually post their progress with tree planting, as well as utilizing inspirational quotes and pictures to inspire their audience to do the same. The company has taken a further step of getting involved with their audience through their newly released BlogTen Tree has created a visually appealing and educational blog that keeps you engaged through their “Treestories”. Although, Ten Tree already has a strong community I suggest that they get involved with other communities as well. Ten Tree could align their company’s strategy and goals by joining other global movements like Earth Hour, to further build their community.




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