Anybody Listening?

What inspires you?

Ten Tree is listening, they are encouraging you to tell them through.


Ten Tree have teamed up with Canadian Wildlife Foundation and LiveUnbound, because they all are representing one brand image. However, the brand is never what the company says the brand is… it is what their audience is saying about the company that form the brand. Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, is saying just that to businesses through novel explaining the “How to” survive the business world. They discuss many points that all businesses need to follow, in terms of a plan:

  • Check the Social Technographic Profile of your customers
  • Start small, think big
  • Make sure your listening vendor has dedicated an experienced team to your efforts
  • Choose a senior person to interpret the information and integrate it with other sources

With most of Ten Tree’s audience being Joiners and Spectators, the company has to consider the methods of listening to their customers. The best ways to accomplish this would be through creating groups that their customers can join and having them comment, share, and like their posts. They have begun small by focusing on 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube; integrating all these platforms with their message to their company’s mission and vision. Every item of clothing that someone buys 10 trees are planted, allowing people to feel socially aware while they are shopping. This has helped the company compete in the retail industry successfully, because their brand name is so strong; it is more like a lifestyle!

I am listening! Tell me what inspires you!



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