One Step Forward….

Everything has a beginning, it is the starting line before we all move forward. But what does this really mean? What does this really look like?

Moving forward with social media, we will continue to look at people, connections, and relationships that companies need to focus on. When examining the novel, Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff a method of concentrating on the relationships is the Social Technographic Profile. The profile focuses on the technology behaviors that groups have and compares them to each other. Utilizing tools such as Alexa and Forrester it can help provide a company more information on their Social Technographic Profile. Following the company Ten Tree I determined the following information:

From Alexa, I was able to determine that Ten Tree’s audience are mostly females in Graduate school living in Canada. Once I knew this information, I was able to input this into Forrester to determine what the Social Technographic Profile was for Ten Tree. The Social Technographic Profile is broken down further into six different groups: creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators, and inactives.

Most of the people for Ten Tree are joiners, these are the people that are participating on social media sites such as FACEBOOK.  As well as spectators, who are reading and watch all the social media platforms; this includes watching the YouTube videos, reading tweets and more. They captivate their audience through these platforms, enhancing their users’ experiences through focusing more on the visual aspect of their company. Ten Tree’s target market is able to post and participate on their Facebook page through sharing photos, and this particularly appeals to the joiners. Understanding that a lot of their audience will be watching for this encourages the company to continue to post. This can be seen by following their TWITTER account, they are always posting new photos and quotes that are targeted to inspire their audience.

All this information is nothing if you cannot see its value, and viewing the two sites you can see the value of knowing what your Social Technographic Profile. With most of Ten Tree’s audience being joiners, you would expect their Facebook site to have more followers than other platforms; their Facebook pages has 238,601 likes as of February 6th, 2014 and their Twitter page only has 24,400 followers. Knowing where your audience is can really help a company, which will be discussed more in future posts! Stay tuned!



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