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 Social Media is changing everything you thought you knew. Social media is changing everything businesses thought they knew. We are all losing control! In the article, Users of the World Unite, by Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein it discusses the lose of control from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. 

Times are changing, we are wanting things faster and faster; trapped in the now! Information is just seconds away, a click of a button. Businesses are especially losing control over the content that is being released and accessed by the public. They are having to adapt and change in this extreme environment, at paces that flash before our screens. One second they can be on top, then in one more second they can be yesterday’s news.

Social media take so many different forms:







The list continues on and on…

If you are not involved on these social platforms, where are you? As a business, you are most definitely yesterday’s news. The world of trending is forcing companies to engage more with their consumers, if they want to remain relevant in their minds. Businesses are having to find new ways to build relationships; they have to transform this impersonal form of communication to something personal.

Companies, such as Ten Tree, are making those connections with people by making them feel important, inspired, and on top of the world! Connections are made with their consumers through using videos and photos.   They inspire those who watch their videos, see their photos, and follow their social media sites. They make their audience feel in control in a chaos filled world, because they can make the change and do what they believe is important to themselves, their community, but ultimately their world.  

Ten Tree has aligned their company to match that of their target audience, this is truly accomplished and demonstrated through them promoting their audience on Facebook and Twitter. They communicate their story through their site, which enforces their mission and vision statement to their target market. Ten Tree focuses on educating, promoting, and inspiring people to enjoy the world that they have.

Don’t believe me, check them out by clicking the photo below!


Kaplan, A.M., & Haenlein, M. (2010). Users of the world, unite. Business Horizons. 53(1). 



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